12th edition
Inland Terminals
9 & 10 November 2017
Rouen, France
The European Conference on the future of inland terminals and ports

Welcome to the 12th edition - Innovating the hinterland

Hinterland logistics will change rapidly over the coming years, consequently this asks for flexibel inland ports and hubs. Supply chain innovations change the role and strategy of logistic providers, terminals and ports. How can we adapt this? You are welcome for the this inspiring 2017 edition of the European Inland terminals Conference. Nice to meet you!

"Very clear presentations and to the point"
"Entertaining and excellent knowledge sharing"
"This edition was on very high level with interesting discussions and speakers"

Host Port 2017


Host Port of Rouen

The host port for the 12th edition is the Port of Rouen. You are invited by Haropa (Le Havre-Rouen-Paris) to join us next year for an inspiring conference on improving hinterland connectivity with keynote speakers from all over Europe. Multiport Rouen is a major player in global shipping. The Port of Rouen occupies a strategic position in the French port system with unique benefits.

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Your organisation or company can take the lead! It can be done by presenting your name, projects and services to your target group. Check out the options for the 2017 edition or contact Anita Korendijk directly at +31 10 435 04 77


Discovering Rouen

The City of Rouen (near Paris) is one of the most beautiful European cities. This historic capital of Normandy is one of France's most engaging destinations (quoting The Lonely Planet). The city has had a turbulent history, where Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc) was tried for heresy and burned at the stake in the central square in 1431 and where impressionism was born. Take this opportunity to see the city after participating in the conference.

Looking back at 2016 edition in Basel

New technology, trading patterns and consumer demands are bringing ever-greater complexity and ever-faster change to the world of logistics. Participants at a November 17-18, 2016, conference on inland terminals in Basel, Switzerland, examined how European inland terminals are adapting their roles and organisation in this environment. The conference also focused on collaboration among ports in...


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Conference organisation

Daniëlle Schönhage
Program Developer
Melinda Witberg
Event coordinator
Anita Korendijk