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Welcome at Offshore Industry 2016

How to make a difference in a challenging market?

Joep Athmer,<br/>Van Oord Offshore

Meet over 200 offshore professionals in Rotterdam on Thursday, May 26th, 2016.

This is already the 7th edition of the European convention Offshore Industry. The annual convention with networking as a central theme. In this challenging market is it necessary to make a difference. What challenges do you fore see? How can de industry improve collaboration to make the chain more competitive? 

CEO's of leading European companies will share their vision on recent developments. 

This afternoon session will be facilitated under the enthusiastic chairman of the day Joep Athmer, President Van Oord Offshore and Member of the management committee Van Oord.

Shell about decomissioning


Alistair Hope, Decommissioning Project Director, Shell shares his vision on Decommissioning. Decommissioning is a moving target. Projectsare repeatedly postponed. Still, an increasing number of offshore installations will be decommissioned in the near future. What can we expect from this market? 


Leading CEOs will share their vision

Joop Roodenburg,<br/>HuismanJan Pieter Klaver,<br/>Heerema Marine ContractorsBram Roelse,<br/>IHC MerwedeJan Kleijn.jpgRob Wagenborg,<br/>Royal Wagenborg

Highlights of this year

Offshore Industry Conference 2015 - 63.jpg 

  • Iran & Mexico: The new superpower?
  • Offshore renewables developments
  • Decommissioning
  • Walk-to-Work
  • Future of the Industry

More confirmed top speakers


  • Alistair Hope, Decommissioning Project Director, Shell
  • Wilfried Breuer, Board Member Offshore, TenneT Holding
  • René Peters, Director Gas Technology, TNO
  • Niek Spiljard, Managing Director, Vroon Offshore Services 
  • Morteza Mohammadi, Business Development Director, CBC
  • David Endriquez, Head of the Maritime and Off-shore Energy       Law, Goodrich Riquelme (Mexico)
  • Joep Athmer, Director Offshore, Van Oord

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Edition 2015 well attended and well rated

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Over 160 offshore directors and higher management have met in Rotterdam on Thursday, May 21, 2015.

It was already the 6th edition of the convention Offshore Industry. An annual convention for the offshore industry, with networking as a central theme. This years theme was Cost Control. How can efficiency help to improve offshore industry and seize opportunities.

Here you'll find the impression of Offshore Industry 2015! 

Impression 2015