Michael Schlaug

Michael Schlaug

Yara Sluiskil
Wietse van den Bogaard

Wietse van den Bogaard

Royal Swinkels
Aris Blankenspoor

Aris Blankenspoor

Uniper Benelux
Philip de Goey

Philip de Goey

TU Eindhoven
Gerrit Jan Schaeffer

Gerrit Jan Schaeffer

European conference focussed on future fuels, supply & demand and European regulation.



The fuels of the future

In order to decarbonize our economies, we need a fuel solution that is scalable for transportation/mobility purposes, is cost-competitive, is not reliant on large amounts of electric energy and has the potential of being fully carbon neutral.

Can we find answers in the following energy carriers/fuels:

  • Methanol
  • Metal Fuels
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen

If we consider the beforementioned fuels as a possibility, we must also look at the total value chain in order to fully implement these energy carriers successfully. The production & mobility industry still have questions regarding their need for green energy.

How will production potential of these fuels meet future users expectation over time? Find out on Fueling The Future Summit 2022!

Speakers 2022

  • Michael Schlaug, General Manager Yara Sluiskil
  • Wietse van den Bogaard, Head of Brewing Royal Swinkels
  • Andreas Gelhaar, Head of Sustainability and Environment DB Cargo
  • Aris Blankenspoor, Director Business Development Uniper Benelux
  • Philip de Goey, Decaan Fac Werktuigbouwkunde & Professor sectie Power&Flow TU Eindhoven
  • Joan Hoexum, NLP Coach Vitality Solutions

Led by: Gerrit Jan Schaeffer, General Manager Energyville


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Conference organisation

Milou Lankester
Alain Meijer