Tue 10 November
LantarenVenster, Rotterdam



11.00 Registration and coffee

11.30 Welcome

Introduction by chairman of the day, Rogier Elshout

11.40 Opening speech: European hydrogen ambitions & policy

More about the European Green Deal and the recently published EU Hydrogen Strategy

12.00 Accelerating the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen is seen as a critical success factor for the transition to a net-zero world by 2050. However, clean hydrogen is currently not scaling fast enough to meet this belief. What do we need to do to accelerate the hydrogen economy?

12.25 From pilot projects to full role-out

There are plenty of promising local hydrogen examples and demonstration projects. How do we get from these pilot projects to wider role-out? How do we get a profitable business case? What regulations are necessary? What are the needs in infrastructure and linking sectors?

Interview including:

  • Oliver Weinmann, Managing Director Vattenfall Innovation & Board Hydrogen Europe
  • Oliver Bishop, General Manager Hydrogen Shell or Martijn Slee, Hydrogen Commercial Manager Europe Shell

13.00 Networking lunch

14.00 Hydrogen in industry

Kick-off by moderator Ben Oudman, Senior Director and Regional Manager CEMEIA, DNV GL Oil & Gas

14.15 Pathways from grey to green

The cleanest one of all is 'green' hydrogen. However grey hydrogen is cheaper and more available at the moment. Diederick Luijten, Vice President Hydrogen Energy, Air Liquide will speak about the steps we need to take to get from grey to blue to green hydrogen.

14.40 Making it circular: transport of hydrogen

The hydrogen pipe from Dow Benelux to Yara is an excellent example of transporting hydrogen, re-using hydrogen gas and cooperation between local industries. What can we learn from this innovative project and what are the results in energy usage? Anton van Beek, President DOW Benelux (with reservation) and Michael Schlaug, Managing Director Yara Sluiskil will share the insights.

15.15 Break

16.00 Creating a hub for hydrogen

We are working hard to increase the amount of renewable power. Is a hydrogen hub next to the offshore wind parcs one of the solutions? How does a hydrogen hub looks like? What are the expectations, pros and cons? Allard Castelein, President & CEO Port of Rotterdam will tell everything about building a hydrogen hub.

16.25 Future of industry debate

A climate neutral Europe, megatrend technologization and a hydrogen economy. How do we see the future of industry? Interview with a.o.

  • Anton van Beek, President DOW Benelux (with reservation)

17.15 Closing remarks and networking drinks

Parallel session: Hydrogen in mobility

14.00 Kick-off

By moderator Rogier Elshout

14.10 All aboard the hydrogen train

More trains on hydrogen are ordered or in use in Europe. What does the further rollout of the hydrogen train look like and what about this technic can we apply on other transport?

14.35 Hydrogen vehicles

What are the applications of hydrogen within the mobility sector? How do we scale up and what are the challenges and benefits on related sectors?

15.15 Break

16.00 Hydrogen fleet

Hydrogen will also play an important role in making shipping more sustainable. What are the essential conditions for a successful introduction of hydrogen as a fuel for shipping?

16.25 Future of mobility debate

What challenges and opportunities in the mobility sector lie ahead? What is the future perspective of the sector? How do we tackle the challenge together? Which collaborations are needed? What will be the plan for operation on the road to CO2-neutral transport? Interview including Jon André Lokke, CEO Nel Hydrogen

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