Sponsor packages


Main sponsor

A unique and eye-catching way to promote your involvement. Your logo will figure noticeably in all conference communications (online and offline), as well as in the conference room! You will also get a prominent spot in the network area, for you to welcome participants in your own booth.

Choose your package

You can choose from the following packages:

  • Main sponsor
  • Drinks package
  • Banner package
  • Extra items
  • Key cord package
  • Presentation package
  • Logo package

Key cord package

Your logo on the key cords that all participants wear. During the entire day, your logo is visible and afterwards it will be in all photos and videos!


Presentation package

Show your organization in the network area with e.g. background, banners, a brochure display or a video screen. It is the perfect place to display your products or services.


Drinks package

Serve the participants networking drinks! Your company logo will be displayed on coasters on all tables. You can place your banner at the bar.

Banner package

Strengthen your presence at the conference by placing your banner in the network area. Inserting a brochure in the conference bag will complement this image.

Logo package

Connect your organization to the conference by having your logo included in all online and offline conference communication: before, during and after the conference!

Extra items

As a conference participant, you can choose from the following, well-priced items:

  • Your own bag as conference bag
  • Your own note blocks & pens in the conference room
  • Insertion of brochure in conference bag


Are you interested in exposure? Please contact our Account Manager for the different options.