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Inspirational and interactive 10th edition of Offshore Industry

Thank you for joining Offshore Industry 2019!

In cooperation with Port of Amsterdam The beautiful National Maritime Museum hosted this anniversary edition of Offshore Industry. Inspiring stories from top directors from the offshore energy industry led to an interactive and lively afternoon.

The differences as well as interfaces between all energy sources were discussed under the expert guidance of moderator Joep Athmer. What is the future of gas and what role will Russia play? Nuclear energy is considered as a elephant in the room but will play an important role in the future energy supply. Intensive cooperation and government support are needed to succeed decommissioning in the North Sea.

While enjoying a drink, all participants discussed further about future developments which are currently affecting the offshore industry. We hereby thank all the participants, the speakers and our partners for a very successful day and look forward meeting you at one of our upcoming events!

"Innovative, informing and inspiring with excellent networking possibilities
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