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Offshore Industry
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May 2020


10.45 Reception workshop

11.15 A test of resilience: The outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2019

After several tough years, the oil and gas industry is entering 2019 more confident and resilient to volatile market conditions. DNV GL has surveyed nearly 800 senior oil and gas companies to identify key challenges and opportunities ahead. Join this interactive discussion led by Rob Coveney, Global Head of Marketing & Communications, DNV GL - Oil & Gas.(Sponsored workshop)

12.00 Reception and networking lunch

13.15 Kick-off

By chairman of the day Joep Athmer.

13.25 Welcome

On behalf of Port of Amsterdam Femke Brenninkmeijer, Director Energy, Cargo and Offshore, welcomes you at Offshore Industry 2019.

Global developments in energy supply

13.35 The future of gas, a joint responsibility

Keynote opening speech by Lucia van Geuns, Strategic Advisor Energy, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

14.00 Impact of nuclear developments on total energy demand

More nuclear activities in Europe will decrease the demand for offshore energy. What impact could nuclear developments have on the total energy demand. Ad Louter, Managing Director, Urenco and Chairman, Nuclear Netherlands shares his vision.

14.20 Developments in new energy

The ever-increasing demand for new energy sources calls for strong actions. What do new energies have the industry to offer and what does it mean for your business management in terms of chances and growth opportunities?
On stage interview:

  • Gerard van Pijkeren, Director, Gasunie New Energy
  • Herman van der Meyden, Government Relations Advisor, Shell

14.45 Energy break

The state of the industry

15.30 Interview: "North Sea decom as example for the world"

A large number of oil and gas fields will reach the end of their economic life cycle in the coming years. Actions must be taken now in order to organize re-use and decommissioning at the highest standards. How to achieve low cost but safe operations? And how can developments in the North Sea be used as an example for the world?

On stage interview:

  • Jacqueline Vaessen, General Manager, Vereniging Nexstep
  • Lars Banke, CEO, Maersk Decom

15.55 Innovative offshore solutions

Challenging times ask for strong and innovative solutions. Jan van der Tempel, CEO, Ampelmann shares his thoughts on a rapidly evolving industry. What is the main call to action for the industry to achieve a healthy and flourishing future?

The future of offshore energy

16.15 Future of the offshore (energy) industry

Although there is still a huge demand for oil and gas, the urge for green energy is growing as well. What is the current state of the offshore industry in reference to upcoming new energies in combination with the future of oil and gas? What does an industry in transition has your company to offer?

Roundtable conversation with:

  • Ruben Dijkstra, Director Wind Offshore, Eneco
  • Paul van Gelder, CEO, Mammoet
  • René Zwanepol, Managing Director, TAQA

16.55 Closing keynote speech

The 10th Edition's closing speech will be given by André Driessen, Director International Enterprise Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands. He will provide an overview of government support to the Dutch offshore sector. What services will be available for your business to take advantage of new business opportunities abroad.

17.15 Networking drinks

“Great venue to meet the industry.”

Wilfried Breuer, Board Member Offshore, TenneT