For our offline, hybrid and online events we work with an online platform per event, the Networkapp. Here you will find information about what is possible, additional explanations and if you cannot figure it out completely.


Do you open the Networkapp via the browser? In any case, make sure you are using the browser Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge and go to the following link:

Other problems? Please contact at with any question regarding the usage of Networkapp.

How do I activate Networkapp on the desktop?

Are you participating in an online event as an online participant? Then choose to open the Networkapp on your desktop or tablet. Use the online version of Networkapp for this and activate your account.

The performance of the network plaza, the virtual living rooms and possibly a live stream are optimal via the web version of Networkapp. It concerns real-time technology without additional login or software download and is well supported on the following browsers:

Google Chrome (version 78 and higher), for macOS and Windows

On mobile devices, operation varies based on the hardware of the device.

Data & Privacy

  • We do not share contact information
  • The app only contains information and features for the linked event, so you will not receive any advertising here.
  • All your data is stored securely according to the rules of the GDPR.
  • You can set which notifications you wish to receive. To do this, follow the following steps:
    • Open the Networkapp
    • Click on your profile in the top right
    • Go to privacy settings

Add event to account

With the unique code you have gained access to your event in Networkapp. Here you will find all relevant information about the event. In the "My Networkapp" screen you can add new events, manage all the contacts you have acquired, and customize your personal profile page.


Make contact

View the participants list of your event and see who else is coming. You can search by name, region, expertise or other specifications in someone's profile. Send a personal chat and connect. As soon as you get a chat message back, you can also invite them to an appointment.



Place a quest with your question or about what you want to talk to other participants. An issue, an innovation or a partnership. The knowledge is in the group and this is how you come into contact with other participants.


Event information

You enter the event environment via the icon of your event. Here you will find general event information, the latest call and the program components. Here the organizer posts news items and you have the option to vote or evaluate.


Link with your Linkedin account

You can indicate via "My profile" whether you want to convert your email account to a Linkedin account. Only your profile picture will be taken over. The email address with which you initially activated your account will be retained.

Are you initially logged in with your LinkedIn account. Then also go to your profile to complete your position and company name.


Download Networkapp

Networkapp / Networkapp can be downloaded from the PlayStore (Android) and Appstore (iOS / Apple). Not sure in which store you can download Networkapp? Then open the following url on your phone:

If you cannot install Networkapp on your phone or if you want to open Networkapp on your desktop, use the online version:

Networking - meeting is possible!

Make an appointment with one of the participants or schedule a group appointment. You can choose from a number of times and meeting points. For example, a place live in the location, a 1 on 1 video chat / speed date online or one of the online living rooms where you can "sit around the table" with max. 10 people at the same time.

Live voting

Via the Live Voting you can actively participate in the program by answering statements and asking questions.

Contact the organization

If you have any questions about the app, the program or anything else. Then you can easily reach the organization via the chat in the app.

  • Go to Participants, see this icon at the top right:
  • Search "Management Producties"
  • And start the chat