10.00 Networking reception & interactive Experience Market

10.45 Welcome 

This conference is enthusiastically led by chairman Chris van ‘t Hof, independent researcher, author and presentor in all matters IT.

Marleen van de Kerkhof, State Harbormaster, will welcome you to Port Cyber Summit 2018 and highlight the importance of cyber security and resilience for European ports.

11.00 Opening Speech

We are making great progress in digitalization, which brings along various economic opportunities. However, cybercrime is a growing risk within today’s online society. Efforts have to be made in order to keep our digital world secure. Herna Verhagen, CEO PostNL and advisor to the Dutch Government shares her vision on the economic and social need of cyber security, the importance of partnerships between government and businesses and how to maintain our global front runner position in the race for digitalization.

11.20 Cyber Security & Organizational Structures

Cyber security concerns do not only belong to the IT department. Breaches are growing, as is the importance of security measures on corporate level. What are the implications of the increasing digitalization of the ever connected supply chain and how have major port players Vopak and Tata Steel incorporated cyber security measures in their company strategies? Presentations by Kees Gerretse, CIO Tata Steel and Tonne Mulder, Global CISO Vopak, followed by a practical discussion with Herna Verhagen, CEO PostNL.

12.05 Logistical Hubs & Cyber Secure Ecosystems

As operator of one of Europe’s main gateways, Schiphol Group is a frontrunner in the race for digitalisation. Cyber security is of major importance to Schiphol as multi modal hub and international mainport. How can a cyber secure ecosystem of interconnectivity be realised and why are joint efforts to this effect so important? An inspiring story on the CYSSEC initiative by Sjoerd Blüm, CIO of Royal Schiphol Group.

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14.00 Cyber Psychology: the human factor in cyber security

Within the field of cyber security there is often a mindset that technology can answer all of our problems. However, this overlooks one obvious factor - that of the human within the system. Elsine van Os, CEO Signpost Six focusses on behavioral intelligence and threat assessment. She shares her vision on secure organizations keeping in mind the human factor in cyber psychology. An interactive presentation on insider threats, social engineering, red flags and the hacker mindset.

14.25 Data Sharing & Chain Dependence

Data sharing across organizational boundaries has become a fundamental part of chain connectivity. The implications of breaches are however immense, both for public and private parties. How can we work together on ensuring safe data exchanges and minimalizing harmful crime? An on-stage debate focusing on sharing, collaborations and the implications
- Hans Verbeeck, CTO NxtPort
- Joost Rommelaere, CIO PSA Antwerp
- Sandor de Coninck, Director CTO & CISO Department of Waterways and Public Works Dutch Government.

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15.45 Digital awareness in our societies

Onno Hoes, Mayor Haarlemmermeer, will share his vision on the importance of cyber awareness and the effects of digitalization for not just our port economies, but for our society as a whole.

16.00 The Importance of Cyber Resilient Ports

Demonstrating your cyber resilience as a port is becoming increasingly important for maintaining your license to operate towards clients, future investors and governments. With data sharing and Industry 4.0 on one hand and increasing threats on the other, how can port authorities play an active role in securing their local business environment?
An interactive debate on the latest developments in European port resilience. With amongst others:
- Arjan Kampman, CIO Port of Amsterdam
- Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Digital and Information Officer Port of Antwerp

16.35 Ethical hacking: an insider's point of view

Cyber security defined from the inside; ethical hacker and CEO Zerocopter Edwin van Andel will present his “hacker-vision” on cyber security and ethical hacking. How do they operate and how can they be used for the better?

16.50 Closing by chairman Chris van ‘t Hof

17.00 Networking reception & visit our interactive Experience Market