North-West Europe edition

14 december 2023

The conference focussed on the hydrogen transition of the industry and energy sectors. Bringing together the brightest leaders to make North-West Europe the frontrunner of the European hydrogen market.

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Hydrogen Leadership Forum.

We are counting down until December 14th, when we will share knowledge and make connections. We hope to see you there!









Leading the Transition

Hydrogen has proven to be the European energy carrier of choice. Now the continent looks at its most effective production and uses. The North-West European region offers space for large scale renewable energy generation, it also already contains the most intense and state-of-the-art energy, manufacturing, and chemical industries of the continent in the six countries (NO, DK, DE, NL, BE, UK). The opportunity for profitable exploitation is clear, now we need action through a risky economic and political field.

Can we muster the courage to make the North-Sea the ‘battery of Europe’ in time for the climate goals? For that we need leaders willing to stick out, step forward, and take the initiative. Bringing these leaders together allows the sectors to coordinate their timelines, infrastructure, and future ambitions, so that all may enjoy the largest possible benefits from their investments.


First-mover advantage or disadvantage?
Cooperation in long-term projects
Investing during risky transitions
Leadership as catalyst for effective change
North-Sea as unique energy and industry asset
Grey hub-and-spoke: common CCUS infrastructure?
Supplying the supply: construction and manufacturing for the transition
Storage needed for scale - The economics of large hydrogen markets

speakers - Stay tuned!

Our first speakers will be announced very soon!

Our first speakers will be announced very soon!

Our first speakers will be announced very soon!

Our first speakers will be announced very soon!


See the outlines of the programme of the upcoming edition below, in the next weeks we will publish the full programme

10.00 Reception + networking breakfast and coffee

12.00 Walking + coffee

  • Increasing capacity (role of technology and storage to increase scale) 
  • The role of policy in pushing the transition
  • Supplying the supply: value chain of manufacturing renewable technology 
  • Spatial planning of the North Sea and port areas 
  • Rules of infrastructural development and operation across borders 
  • Role of ports, maritime sector, and connecting industrial clusters
  • CCS solutions in different situations 
  • Transitioning conventional energy platforms 
  • Industrial economics of the hydrogen transition 
  • Role of blue hydrogen in the energy system

13.15 Network Lunch

15.00 Break - Walking + Coffee

  • A: Infastructure
  • B: Spatial planning and environmental policy
  • C: CCS & blue hydrogen
  • D: Production Technologies
  • E: Renewable Energy and CO2 abatement goals

16.00 Break - Walking + Coffee

  • A: Northernmost corridor (United Kingdom <- -> Norway)
  • B: Danish straits corridor (Norway <- -> Denmark <- -> Germany)
  • C: Benelux corridor (Germany <- -> The Netherlands <- -> Belgium)
  • D: Channel crossing corridor (The Netherlands/Belgium <- -> UK)
  • E: Common North Sea production and storage area (far off coast sites and energy islands in central North Sea)

17.35 Closing, networking and drinks!

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Complex challenges require collaboration. That is why we bring together stakeholders from the entire chain.
Enthusiastic top-level speakers share their vision, lessons learned and out-of-the-box solutions to inspire and surprise you.
Together we create the future! Get out of your daily habits, share your ideas and network. Be a part of the solution.

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Our speakers will be announced soon


Location & Parking

More information to be announced!


The event will bring together roughly 150 directors, senior managers, and policy makers from the energy and industry sectors, as well as ports, TSO’s, and consultants. Accompanying the main group, there certainly will be research institutes, financial actors, and other interested parties with a stake in the region and/or the transition.

Registration fee

The participation fee is €649,- (excl. VAT*) per person. This includes lunch, refreshments and documentation.

Should you be unable to attend the conference yourself, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Cancellations must be received in writing at least 3 weeks before the start of the event. The company regrets that no refund will be made available for cancellation notifications received less than 3 weeks before the event.

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