Pow(d)er to metal

Pow(d)er to metal

The recent introduction of iron powder as an energy carrier enables the industry a long-term and large-scale storage. Transport and use of sustainable energy as iron powder is a circular CO2-free, compact, safe and cheap energy storage medium. Iron powder can be used worldwide and is complementary to green electricity and green hydrogen, as both are much more difficult to store on a large scale and for a long time.

The mission of TU Eindhoven and Uniper Technologies includes the development and implementation of a global ecosystem based on iron powder, that stimulates the storage and import of sustainable energy in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is facing a major shortage of locally generated renewable energy and iron powder is the cheapest option for importing this energy from regions with a large surplus.

The primary development lines within the growth plan will be: the scaling up of the iron powder combustion and regeneration technology, as well as the activation of the value chain. To this end, pilot projects are being prepared for deployment at Swinkels and Uniper.

An interesting innovation which will, amongst others, be discussed at the Fueling the Future Summit on 29 September 2022.

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